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Purple Panache

I've actually been to this shop and had this shirt but I was fated to lose it TWICE!! What I didn't like about this shop back when I first bought this shirt in Boston back in 1992 is that they didn't use bags. Instead they GIFT WRAP everything is slippery little artsy-pharsy packages. I wasn't carrying a bag of my own so I slipped it into my friend rapidtrabbit's bag and somewhere along the way it slipped out and was GONE by the time we got back to our hotel room. Fortunately I still had their business card so when I got back to Canada I ordered a new one over the phone. Unfortunately when it arrived at the post office I had to pay a ridiculous amount of duty on this shirt and it ended up costing me at least $40.00. Then in 1997 I had a boyfriend who moved in with me and stole it when I kicked him out!!! GRRRRR!!

At least now I know where I can still get one. However, it will probably have to wait until I get a real job.
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